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The Engagement Building Blocks

After 20+ years perfecting strategies for improving employee engagement in the industry, author and engagement expert Kevin O'Brien is sharing his expertise that has already helped hundreds of managers and their teams. Check out his new book A Brief and Comprehensive Guide to an Engaged Workforce.

Bring your organization success by leveraging the power of engaged teams.

The Engagement Building Blocks guide your strategic thinking and action.

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Work culture influences motivation. Cultures that build a sense of pride in products and services expand motivation. Build employee Motivation Quotient (MQ), the fuel for the engine

Employee Alignment

When employees understand goals/objectives of the team and company, they can align to them. Leader’s help team members see the link between their work and business goals


When there is Community, people have a sense of belonging. When people fit in and enjoy their workplace, leaders and coworkers, they contribute more


Team: A cohesive group of people with complimentary skill sets, focused on a common goal. Developing teams helps realize goals through a sense of ownership and pride in work

Leadership Presence

Relationships with leaders are key. Employees gain a sense of well-being and direction when leaders show up to communicate status and goals. Employees feel valued and know the focus


Effective communication has a positive impact far beyond the transfer of information. A sincere, tailored approach to communication enables an engaged environment in multiple ways


Trust is the foundation of engagement. Employees who trust and are trustworthy are extremely valuable to the business. Leaders who trust and are trustworthy are indispensable

Respect & Inclusion

Access the power of diversity with an intentionally inclusive environment of capable people. Enriched possibilities for business processes, products, services and ultimately, company success


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